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Posted on: August 18, 2009 5:43 pm

Lou Tolson-McDonald's Game to Have Competition

McDonald's All-American Game to Have Competition

by Lou Tolson,  The College Basketball Enquirer

Carl's Junior, for years a relative afterthought in the nation's ultra competitive fast food burger wars, will soon be challenging industry kingpin McDonald's in an arena that Ronald McDonald & Company have long claimed sole ownership of.  Starting in 2011, Carl's Junior will be sponsoring Carl's Famous Star Classic, an annual gathering of the nation's next, next best high school basketball talent.

"We're not looking for that five star, blue chip All-American kid that McDonald's is looking at." said Mick Nugent, Carl's Junior's National Director of Advanced Marketing.  "We're looking for that under the radar type kid, a kid with upside.  To use a burger analogy, we're looking for that humburger with only ketchup who aspires one day to become a Six Dollar Burger."

Nugent, who claims that the event will be a weekend long affair complete with a slam dunk contest and 3-point shootout, embraces the idea that the Famous Star Classic will be a showcase for "mid-major" talent.  "We're not McDonald's.  We're not Burger King.  Let's face it, we're not even Wendy's." said Nugent.  "North Carolina is McDonald's.  They're a Big Mac.  Duke is Burger King.  They're a Whopper.  Kentucky is Wendy's.  They're a Hot Stuffed Baked Potato with Sour Cream and Chives.  We're Gonzaga and Butler.  We're a Famous Star with Cheese and an order of CrissCut Fries." 

Though a television deal is not yet in place, Nugent is optimistic that Carl's Famous Star Classic will soon find its TV home.  "The McDonald's game is on ESPN, so obviously that's not an option." said Nugent.  "Meetings are in the works, however, with Versus and the CBS College Sports network just to name a couple.  We feel, speaking of CBS College Sports for example, that Greg Anthony and possibly that tanned guy, Parrish I believe is his name, would make an absolutely outstanding team."

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