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Posted on: August 18, 2009 5:45 pm
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Will E. Namath-'Bama Fans Still in Recovery

'Bama Fans Still In Recovery After Utah Smackdown 

by Will E. Namath, The Ute County Daily Journal   

Percy Pusser is having a hard time sleeping.  Most nights, he lies awake for hours, unable to erase the image from his mind.  On rare nights, when he's actually able to fall asleep, he's often times awoken by the image.  31-17. 

"After the Sugar Bowl ended, I just stood there starin' up at the scoreboard.  I must have stared up at it for a good, solid hour." said Pusser.  "I reckon you could say I was shell shocked.  Lookin' back, I wish I hadn't done it.  I'm scared I might have burned it into my mind, permanent like."

Pusser is not not alone.  Legions of Alabama fans are still coming to terms with the 31-17 Sugar Bowl loss to undefeated Utah.  The upset loss, for many Crimson Tide fans, put a damper on what had been regarded, going into the Sugar Bowl, as a highly successful campaign under then second year coach Nick Saban. 

"Losin' to Florida was tough, but we knew that ol' Nick had us headin' in the right direction." said Jimmy Porter, a lifetime resident of Tuscaloosa.  "But to lose to somethin' called the Utes?  I don't even know what a Ute is!  I even looked it up on the Wikipedia!  Heck if I still don't know what a Ute is!"     

Glenda Stuckey, a resident of nearby Moundville, Alabama, claims her husband Ray nearly lost his job as a result of the Utah defeat.  "Raymond takes every loss hard," said Stuckey, "but this one was totally different." 

According to Stuckey, Ray, a Hale County bus driver, took to ranting to passengers on his daily route about Utah and the Mountain West Conference.  "He'd just carry on for hours about Utah being a fluke, and them not comin' from a real conference." said Stuckey.  "Then one day one of his passengers said that Urban Meyer used to coach at Utah, and Ray just lost it.  Stopped right there in the middle of a intersection and yelled at the guy get the you know what off his bus.  He was real lucky they didn't fire him that very day."

Time, according to Pusser, has been the toughest thing to deal with since the January 2nd loss.  "That game left just an awful taste in the mouths of every Alabama fan.  Like a turd sandwich on Rye." said Pusser.  "We just got to get back out there on that field and get to winnin' again." 

The Crimson Tide open their 2009 campaign on September 5th against Virginia Tech at the Georgia Dome.

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